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Our Strengths

Our passion for designs leads to excellence in fine jewellery

Our Strengths

Diagold's manufacturing infrastructure is one of its greatest strengths. Our current capacity is around 30000 pieces a month manufactured in 4 facilities covering 40000 sq. ft.

We have our diamond office with over 50 employees at Bharat Diamond Bourse (BKC), Mumbai where the buying, sorting and fluting of diamonds take place.

In keeping with our core value of managing change, Diagold has a state-of-the-art jewellery factory with the latest technology in production.

Most of the processes are computerized and function on an ERP system.

Diagold is known in the industry for its commitment to
Innovation & Passion without compromising on quality.


Diagold is one of the first companies to implement rapid prototyping in the industry.

Computer-Aided Designing

We employ Computer-Aided Designing (CAD) which facilitates better visualization, better communication of designs and reduces repetition of work.

Computer-Aided Model

The Computer-Aided Model (CAM) outputs of CAD on the viper, one of the best in the world, have precision levels as high as 25 microns, Diagold takes pride in its versatility to create the most difficult settings like European hand Pave, Invisible settings, Micro Pave, Micro Prong, Plate Prong.

Total Quality Management (TQM)

Diagold has set up TQM in its systems for enduring improvement that engages all employees in the company from upper management to production line. Our Quality improvement teams utilize problem-solving techniques to recognize and eliminate weaknesses.

As a result, improves customer satisfaction/service and reduces cost with the ability to deliver quality products. Bottom Line, the Benefits of TQM are endless, serving our organization in accomplishing desired results.

Microscope Setting

Microscope Setting is best described as the highly precise setting of small diamonds. Multiple stones are set together with the precision that is only possible using high magnification & specialized personnel. In Micro setting, Prong visibility is very negligible consequently it gives more prominent & sparkling look to the diamonds. We at Diagold are masters of micro setting.